PLEASE READ: Lost Girl on YouTube


It has been brought to our attention by those involved with the show that the uploading of full episodes and clips to YouTube has become a major problem. YouTube is one of the most visible and accessible video sites, and making available full episodes and numerous clips from recent episodes on there is seen to negatively impact viewership of the show. While they are working to get them taken down from YouTube, they are also hoping to discourage fans from putting them up in the first place (although fanvids are cool with them). We can support the show and the chances of a Season 4 by helping to spread the word on other message boards, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

We all want Lost Girl to run for more seasons and for the audience to keep growing. We just have to make sure we support the show the right way so that Lost Girl, and one of the best F/F ‘ships around, stay on our television screens.